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Even for a fee, AGV s Discovery undertakes not to disclose any of his personal databases (emails, contact ...) to any third party. Therefore, we refuse to expose participants to post commercial or advertising campaigns unrelated external use AGV Discovery

French law of March 11, 1957, pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 3 of Article 41, on the one hand, that "copies or reproductions strictly reserved for private use and not intended for use collective "and, secondly, that the analysis and short quotations for the purposes of example and illustration," any representation or reproduction in whole or in part, without the consent of the author or his successors or assigns shall be unlawful "(paragraph 1 of Article 40). Any representation or reproduction, by any process whatsoever, constitutes an infringement sanctioned by articles 425 and following of the Penal Code. The entire contents presented on is covered by moral rights and economic rights of the author. It holds exclusive intellectual property rights and producer database for:
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As such, the extraction and / or reuse of a substantial portion of the content available on the service may be granted by the owner of AGV Discovery. is the property of AGV Discovery.

In accordance with French law "and Freedoms" means any person named in this service has a "right of access and rectification" for information about it.

AGV Discovery for society, respect your privacy and your privacy on the web is a fundamental right. And confidence you place in us is essential and sacred.

That is why we strive to ensure your online security as rigorously as possible.

We do not sell or rent our e-mail files, or any other identifying information of people, formed on our websites. AGV Discovery society does not share and never release its files e-mail to other organizations, and that in any way whatsoever.

We store messages temporarily and details of people who have contacted us to ask for clarification of information or advice in case we need to contact them later to provide further information. However, we do not share this information and we will not use this information for other purposes.

Accordance with Article 34 of the law "and Freedoms", you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you.

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